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PROPOS: Transforming Business Management!

PROPOS: Transforming Business Management

Do you struggle with traditional order management for your restaurant, shop, or library? Introducing PROPOS – a powerful desktop application developed with ReactJS, NodeJS, SQLite, and ElectronJS. Say goodbye to manual errors and lost accounts. PROPOS enables virtual, easy, and accurate management of orders, categories, products, clients, suppliers, and financial transactions. Organize orders based on their status – pending, processing, in delivery, paid, or unpaid.

Services :

Dashboard : Gain insights into vital statistics, including supplier and client amounts, total orders, and earnings. Use customizable filters to track performance.

POS (Point of Sale : View and manage products, facilitating efficient order processing for your clients.

Suppliers : Effortlessly manage suppliers with options to create, edit, and delete, along with a comprehensive list.

Clients :Streamline client management, allowing easy creation, editing, and deletion, along with a detailed client list.

Categories : Organize your business with category management, including creation, editing, and deletion, supported by a comprehensive list.

Products : Manage products seamlessly, with options for creation, editing, and deletion, along with an extensive product list.

Orders : Efficiently handle orders with features for creation, editing, cancellation, deletion, and printing, all backed by a detailed order list.

Sale Invoices : Manage sale invoices effortlessly, covering creation, cancellation, deletion, and printing, along with a comprehensive list.

Entrances : Control product quantities with entrance management, featuring creation, cancellation, deletion, printing, and a detailed list.

Purchase Invoices : Streamline purchase invoices with features for creation, cancellation, deletion, printing, and a comprehensive list.

Exits : Manage product quantities efficiently with exit management and a detailed list.

Settings : Personalize your experience with settings management, including options for logo, currency, and more.

PROPOS is an integrated and user-friendly solution, functioning as a desktop app without the need for an internet connection. Elevate your business management experience with PROPOS.