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Platform Evolution: ActiHub - Redefining Activities Management!

Platform Evolution: ActiHub - Redefining Activities Management

Teachers Management

Effortlessly manage and organize teachers within ActiHub. Add, modify, or remove teacher profiles, assign activities, and ensure a seamless flow of information and communication.

Parents Management

Centralize parental involvement with a dedicated parents management module. Easily add, update, or remove parent profiles, fostering a direct line of communication and engagement.

Students Management

Streamline student administration by efficiently managing student profiles within ActiHub. Connect students to parents, assign them to specific teachers, and ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

Activities Management

Navigate a comprehensive activities management system. Add, categorize, and modify activities effortlessly. Assign activities to specific teachers, categories, and locations for a well-organized and dynamic engagement.

Categories Management

Organize activities systematically with the categories management feature. Easily add, update, or remove activity categories to enhance the user experience and streamline the booking process.

Locations Management

Ensure precision in activity management with the locations management module. Assign and manage activities based on distinct locations, providing users with targeted and personalized booking options.


Facilitate a seamless booking process for parents and students. Track and manage bookings in real-time, allowing for efficient communication between administrators, teachers, parents, and students.