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Market Store and Admin Panel Development by Devanas!

Market Store and Admin Panel Development by Devanas

Dive into the dynamic world of the Market Store and its Management Admin Panel, a comprehensive full-stack development project meticulously crafted by [Your Name]. This digital storefront and administrative hub, built using HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AJAX, and PHP within the MVC architecture, represents the pinnacle of innovation in online business solutions.

Technologies Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • AJAX
  • PHP
  • MVC Architecture

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Full-stack development
  • Responsive web design implementation
  • Integration of interactive elements with JavaScript and jQuery
  • AJAX implementation for dynamic content updates
  • PHP backend development within the MVC architecture

Key Features

  • User-friendly dashboard with insightful analytics
  • Seamless product and category management
  • Orders management with flexible communication options
  • Dynamic slider management for captivating content presentation
  • Settings control for time status, currency, and delivery pricing